Rasmus Dahlqvist

After his art studies in Antwerp, Belgium, Rasmus Dahlqvist worked over the years for companies of a highly different nature: design, promotion, translation, DTP, IT, and shipping. These experiences create a source of information that is intertwined in his novels. He has also worked as a ghostwriter. Another side of Dahlqvist is his interest in the past, delving into research for non-fiction technical-historical books. However, in his novels and short stories Dahlqvist mixes reality, fiction, and memories. The reality is found in ordinary, everyday events, in conversations, and chat sessions with people of all ages. All this material is mixed with a dose of fiction so the original facts become different, more beautiful and intriguing. The countless trips Dahlqvist embarked on also form a great source to describe all kinds of situations and environments. Dahlqvist has visited Austria, Germany, Ireland, France, Scandinavia, New Zealand, Scotland, and Canadian regions like Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, and Yukon. In the United States, he’s explored Alaska, Nevada, Arizona, California, and Utah. He also wandered around islands, which by chance all start with the letter M: Madeira, Malta, Sao Miguel (Azores) and Mikonos.


Dood in de Doos - Livlös i Lådan

[Death in a box]

(Fiction, 2009)

Bilingual Dutch / Swedish.

A Swedish boy's carefree childhood is abruptly interrupted by a tragic event. He ends up in Belgium and is tossed between fragile memories of rural Sweden and the grim reality of a new life in the city of Antwerp. He starts his own battle against himself and the world. Luckily, his brother Rasmus stands by his side to support him during many difficult moments - or is this brother making things worse?

ISBN 978-9490385095

Reprint expected



(Fiction, 2012)



The sequel novel describes the story of a boy called Andreas, one of the main characters appearing in the previous book. He also struggles with life, but then he meets a friend who calls him Ninety-Three and unwittingly helps him cope with his problems.

ISBN 978-9490385538

Reprint expected

Het Stiefmeisje

[The Stepgirl]

(Fiction, n/a)


Final part of the trilogy. The unexpected arrival of a stepsister amazes both her new brother and his friend. Being the stepdaughter of numerous fathers all her life, she never thought much about men. Now she has to cope with two boys at the same time.

ISBN - n/a

Release expected soon

From Martin to Despallier, The Story of a French Colonial Family

(Non Fiction, 2013)


Starting off as colonists, military men, rebels, and U.S. frontiersmen, the Martin family from France made it to the ranks of consuls and, eventually, generals. Neither Charles nor his father Bernard ever revisited their ancestral  native land, the ancient region of Normandy.

The evolution of their surname took years to unravel: from Martin to Martin des Pallières and, finally, Despallier. Dahlqvist's book tells the incredible story of men making careers in the Royal Navy and Army, in politics, and in justice. These men influenced history in colonial Haiti, in French and Spanish Louisiana and last but not least in Texas. It is the first and elaborately illustrated work describing the full and detailed family history of Charles Despallier who died at the Alamo.

ISBN 978-1493603251

EAN 1493603256

Boodschappen uit de 18de Eeuw

  • Honden   [Dogs]
  • Mengelwerk   [Miscellany]
  • Tabak   [Tobacco]

[Messages from the Eightteenth Century] (Non Fiction, 2016)

Dutch/Old Dutch.

In association with Rudolf Höning: a series of transcripted early magazines, pamphlets and books published 1701-1800 in the Dutch-speaking part of Europe.

3 publications: ed. imprint Trecunet 


9789402145281 (Honden)

9789402145199 (Mengelwerk)

9789402146837 (Tabak)



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